Ice Castle Enchanted Princesses

Tiny Diva Princess Party is proud to announce that we will be this years official princess sponsor of the Ice Castles in Stillwater, MN for their 2017 year! Come enjoy our Enchanted Frozen Sisters at the Ice Castles every Saturday and Sunday with special appearances from our Featured Enchanted Sisters on Saturdays afternoons!

Please be sure to dress warm with snow boots when visiting our Enchanted Sisters 

as the lines can be long and the ground uneven. We look forward to 

meeting you at the Ice Castles in Stillwater!


Stillwater Ice Castle Season End

Thursday February 16th, 2017


Thank You for Joining Tiny Diva Princess Party's
  Enchanted Frozen Sisters 
at the Stillwater Ice Castles in 2017!
 We had a wonderful time meeting everyone who came to experience the magic! The Enchanted Sisters last appearance will be on 2.12.17.
We look forward to seeing you again next year!!


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Address of the Castle 

Ice Castles at Lowell Park

201 Water Street N
Stillwater, MN 55082


Enchanted Ice Princess Schedule

Enchanted Frozen Princesses:

Saturday: 2017 Season End

Sunday: 2017 Season End

Holiday Mondays: 2017 Season End

Special Notes:

Please note that our Enchanted Sisters do take 15 -20 minute breaks throughout their stay to avoid cold weather damage. 

Minnesota's 2017 winter may get harsh! 

Due to the extreme winter weather our Enchanted Sisters' appearances may be canceled. If you are hoping to see the Sisters we encourage you to send us a private message on our Facebook Page to check the week's schedule. In addition we will do our best to keep you informed on our Facebook Page of dates that may be canceled due to extreme winter weather conditions. 

We appreciate your patience

 and understanding! 


Ice Castle Website

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 Ice Castles and how they're made?
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