Corporate Event Appearance
90 Minutes

Invite our spectacular Enchanted Frozen Sisters to your Frozen Party! 

They will provide the fun with their Theatrical Story Time and sing-a-long 

telling the tale of Disney's award winning movie, "Frozen"! 

The Winter Queen and Summer Princess will make their grand entrance to your event and begin their show! 

The show will include audience participation from all your guests! 

Be sure to have your camera at the ready as the story begins with a "once upon a time" and ends with a "happily ever after";

  and  singing "Let It Go" for their grand finale with all the children!  

After their performance the Enchanted Frozen Sisters will be available for photo opportunities!

 Tiny Diva Princess Party can help to set the scene with their custom winter wonderland backdrops and props!

We do ask for your event to have at least one handler for the Enchanted Sisters as well as a formed line for the guests of your event.

This line will help with your crowd control as the Enchanted Sisters have many adoring fans that they would love to meet. During this

 photo opportunity your young guests will have the  pleasure of meeting the Sisters and receive their autographs of their pictures, 

or other materials the children have broughten for them to sign. 


 Enchanted Frozen Theatrical Production   $500


What's included in the package:

2 Enchanted Frozen Characters

30 Minute Theatrical Story Time with sing-a-long

60 Minute Meet and Greet Photo Opportunity 

50 Autograph Cards

Promotional Photos and Company Logo for promotions of your corporate event. 


Additional Services

Enchanted Character $125

Character Assistant $100 

Hour for Meet and Greets $150

Hour for Character Assistant $50

Autograph Cards (Sets of 25 count) $50

Frozen Backdrop and Stand (8x8 Foot) $50

Mileage Fee - Please ask your event representative for a quote 


Tiny Diva Princess Party Event Suggestions

If you are hosting a ticketed event Tiny Diva Princess Party suggests a sale price of 

$15 for standard children tickets and $30 for VIP children tickets

If your characters are traveling a long distance Tiny Diva Princess Party requests

 a special private area for the characters to ready themselves for the event.

Photo opportunities with Tiny Diva Princess Party's Enchanted Frozen Characters are fun for all ages! 

To complete the fun we suggest having a photo back drop to help set the scene with your characters. 

Please be sure to have a minimum of two staff to help the Characters move from your staged production to the meet and greet area. The cast is very popular and sometimes has multiple stops from children and parents as they try and make their way from one location to the next. Having a staff handler politely reminding children and adults where they can see the characters next helps keep our characters friendly and timely. 

As many children become star struck or shy when it is their turn to meet the characters Tiny Diva Princess Party has a hands off policy to allow the child to approach our characters when they are ready. Characters such as our Enchanted Snowman and our Enchanted Winter Queen can sometimes be a little scary for our young guests and they may need some time to warm up. We suggest if you have a small child who needs a little warming up when it's their turn to meet the characters have them stand to the side of the line and allow them to be the next to meet the characters when they are ready.

 We never want a child to feel left out. 

Please ask us about our 10% Returning Customer Discount! 

(Restrictions may apply. Mileage fees not included.)


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